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New system cards information

Last updated: 10-Apr-15

Membership Application

Last updated: 12-Dec-13



2017 Laws - What Player Need To Know

Last updated: 5-Jul-17

2017 Law - Directors' Seminar Handout

Last updated: 6-Jul-17

2017 Law - Examples on Calls out of Turn for Discussion

Last updated: 13-Jul-17

Club Bylaws

Last updated: 16-Jun-15

Club Regulations

Last updated: 31-Jul-17

Policy on unacceptable behaviour

Last updated: 27-Aug-17

Club constitution (amended May 2016)

Last updated: 5-Jun-16



Honour boards as at July 2017

Last updated: 4-Aug-17



Latest Newsletter - December

Last updated: 30-Dec-16

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Extract from old newsletters - articles by Reg Busch and Peter Busch



Reg Busch's Director Training notes

Last updated: 9-Apr-09

Director's roster

Last updated: 8-Feb-17

The First 25 Years - an early history of the Sunshine Coast Bridge Club

Last updated: 12-Oct-12


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Law Posters - a series of A4 size posters on bridge laws of interest to players

Last updated: 18-Nov-12