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Proposal Re Afternoon Session Starting Times

The Committee has proposed that our afternoon sessions commence at 1.00pm instead of 12.30pm and will finish as close to 4.30pm as possible. We are interested in the preferences of our afternoon players. The Monday and Thursday afternoon sessions in the first week of September will be surveyed, and this survey page will remain open until the end of that week (Sunday 8 September 2019).

With the proposed 1pm start, up to 33 boards will be played - there will be very little change to what happens now in this regard.


  • Morning play and training sessions on Mondays and Thursdays will finish at 12pm and this doesn't allow a sufficient turnaround for a 12.30pm afternoon session start. A new Thursday morning session is starting in October, and Monday morning lesson activity happens frequently throughout the year.
  • The later start allows players to have lunch at a more practical time, and an extra half hour in the morning is more useful than an extra half hour in the late afternoon.
  • Traffic congestion at Syd Lingard Drive at the end of the session will hopefully be eased.

Please tick one box below and record your name. Votes will remain confidential. We are asking for your name to ensure each member's vote is counted only one. It is important that we get the views of all afternoon players are are hoping that all members who play in the afternoon choose one of the three options, even those who are happy with either starting time.

Please indicate your preferred starting time for afternoon sessions:




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